The most popular home styles

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If you are thinking about building a custom home, chances are you have seen a variety of styles available during your research. With so many distinct features, it’s vital that you know what makes each style unique prior to settling on any particular one to be your dream home. Once you determine the features on your wish list, you can streamline the decision-making process. The most popular home styles are outlined below.

Country / Updated Colonial  

Country homes were initially influenced by 18th century colonists and their European styles. The most popular features include the five windows along the top (the middle directly centered over the front door) and the two large windows framing the front door. They commonly have shutters, long, wide porches and dormers to complete the style, all of this creating an inviting home that evokes warmth.


One of the most sought after house plans, this style originates from the arts and crafts era from the start of the 20h century. This option was born from designers and artists wishing to utilize wood, brick and stone in an intricate manner. This style focuses on the harmony of construction and nature. Houses are commonly bungalow style and they came as a response to the industrial revolution era when items were appearing as mass-produced cookie cutter things. The Craftsman style offers lots of details to behold.


Initially hailing from the Southwest and the West, this style is practical and being built everywhere. Also referred to as “ramblers,” Ranch refers to a one-level, single story home, which is ideal for older couples or those who want to avoid stairs. With the whole house situated on one floor, these homes can spread out the square footage nicely. Open floor plans are a popular aspect with this style.


Famous for their asymmetrical exteriors featuring bold wood accents, these steep pitched roof homes are easy to pick out. Based on English building designs from the Tudor Era, they feature stucco walls and eye-catching architectural configurations.


These quaint houses are often smaller yet laden with details. They often have painted woodwork and interesting built-ins on the interior such as dining booths, window seats and possibly display cases. The attic often houses the second story and an oversized front porch is part and parcel.


Charming, and multi-level, these stately homes offer ornate trim and intricate features. These dwellings have towers, gables and showcase bay windows along with elaborate porches. The exterior was seen as the ideal way to showcase talent and décor.


Images of dwellings from overseas — England, Italy or France — inspire this home style. Stone or marble floors combine with plaster walls to harmonize an “old meets new” theme. Intricate rooflines complete with copper elements and lots of stone and even turret features are commonly seen. Enormous fireplaces are a hallmark feature.


A simple roofline, often metal, can be found framing a large, full surrounding porch. Narrow windows have been situated to enable cross breezes the chance to occur. Following early designs of the 19th century, wood siding is a common finish for this style.


Majestic plaster exteriors and tile roofs enable the home to absorb the sun’s heat. Taking their inspiration from Italy, France and Spain, these homes feature verandas, courtyards and patios to create more outdoor living space. They offer simplistic detailing on the interior and may feature some exposed or decorative tile walls.


Enjoy a sleek, modular profile with horizontal windows and flatter roofs with little slope. These homes often use stone, marble or details of high quality as opposed to lots of intricate details. Plain fireplaces are a popular aspect.


With their operational, oversized shutters and sweet porches, Southern inspired homes are sought after for those who are drawn to antebellum elegance. If you enjoy monumental columns, verandas and plantation style aesthetics, be sure to check out this home style.

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