Build a house that’s ideal for your family

The joys of custom building your family home is the freedom of choice you have right from the start. Is a home theater important to you? Do you want a daylight basement? Do you prefer your home to be facing a certain direction to honor some Feng Shui tradition? How close or far do you wish to be situated from your neighbors? With a custom home, you can build a house that’s ideal for your family from every angle.

Let the sun in — or don’t

Establishing your building plans to complement the way the sun travels across your property is ideal. For example, perhaps you and your spouse have always dreamed of having a private patio off your master bedroom that would be ideal for morning coffee as the sun rises. Maybe you foresee a family pool oasis in the backyard and want a mixture of sunshine in the morning and shade in the heat of the afternoon. Think about which direction would receive the right amount of sunshine to meet these wishes and plan accordingly from the outset.

Mobility issues

Stairs are not ideal for everyone. Many families prefer a one-level ranch style layout. It is possible to eliminate levels or add your own elevator when you build a house that’s geared to the exact needs of your family. Take everyone’s health and age into consideration when determining where bedrooms and main living spaces are located.

Family room

A family that enjoys being together is a beautiful thing. Outfit your main lounging space with comfortable seating and take in the best views of your property at the same time. Incorporate usable spaces within the larger atmosphere. For instance, more people are using their laptops and electronic devices to conduct work from their homes. Having a desk, wall unit or special table or bar space within the family room can incorporate homework and the office all in one location. Really consider your lifestyle and what each family member’s unique needs are to determine the best layout options.

Embrace your privacy

Even if you are setting down roots smack dab in the middle of suburbia, you can take steps to develop your privacy in a custom home whereas you take what you can get when you are simply purchasing an existing home. The direction of the home and the placement of doors and windows can be planned completely. Fencing can be creatively and organically woven into your landscape. A well-thought out blueprint along with a strategically planted tree, customized pagoda or perimeter fence can help you create the privacy you crave.

Customized bathrooms

Would you like to create an adult oasis within your master bathroom? Perhaps a little retreat to enjoy all by yourself. A place that’s perfect for starting or ending each day. Jet tubs, multi-head shower systems, bidets and a host of accessory options are yours to consider. On the other hand, what will make the ideal guest bathroom complete? Would you prefer that the children take their baths and showers in their own domain? Taking your family’s current daily routines into consideration can give you a great base for customizing your plans.

Insulating, maintenance and energy costs

Another great thing about building a brand new home (along with not having to scrub ex-tenants’ grime out of the shower grout), is having the capacity to choose the best energy efficient materials from the ground up. Take your future energy costs into account when making purchasing decisions.

The benefits of custom building your own home to suit the needs, desires and wishes of your family is an exciting adventure. Embrace the journey and get excited about the fact that you will be living in the home of your dreams when the process is done.

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