10 living room design ideas for your custom home

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The living room is where we all gather. When deciding how to decorate this vital space in your new custom-built home, determine what concepts your family finds functional and comfortable. Check out the following 10 living room designs for ideas to help you tap into your creative side.

The family that plays together…

If game night is an essential component to your down time, designing your living room to be an open floorplan continuation of your kitchen is a great place to start. This designscape enables you to enjoy copious amounts of seating while keeping snack central within view. Incorporate varying heights of coffee tables and side tables, along with your kitchen bar counter top or island to ensure there is plenty of room for puzzles and Pictionary.

Formal elegance

Perhaps you have done away with the TV and prefer to read for relaxation. Or maybe you often host business and social gatherings in your home and prefer a parlour atmosphere. Opposing seating options that showcase your view is great. Incorporating a variety of lighting can transform your space. Utilize wall sconces, electric candelabras, a decadent fireplace, freestanding Tiffany lamps and a central chandelier to create this library alcove setting. Showcase some custom-built bookcases and use your favorite reads to complement your decor.

Shabby chic

This is a perfect compromise for those who want a trendy atmosphere but happen to be living with toddlers. No one will notice the gouges on your coffee table if they neatly tie into your shabby chic theme. Repurpose bookshelves with linen baskets for hidden toy storage and display favorite distressed furniture. Showcase your heirloom blankets and get creative framing those family pictures. Rocking chairs are a must in this relaxing and inviting space and ideal for those who are expecting or still nursing.

LED land

Go green and swap out all your inefficient lighting. Transform your ambiance with a purple, blue, green or soft white glow (or any color you prefer). Rope lighting or intricately hidden bulbs can offer you a relaxing vibe or recreate a club atmosphere if you want to take it up a notch. Use some funky Corian countertops or side tables that are lit underneath to draw attention when the overhead lights are off.

Country style

This style doesn’t have to be all cow pillows and metallic roosters (unless you want it to). Think wainscoting wall accents and an old-fashioned oversized fan to help with circulation. Update this look with a faux cowhide rug (plenty of great faux versions available so no need for the real thing). Plaid prints and floral curtains can show off your brick hearth or hardwood flooring nicely. Plain Edison bulb chandeliers offer conversational and effective lighting.

Sleek contemporary

Neutral tones offer a respite from our busy lives. Opt for sleek lines and minimize texture to create a clean and cohesive space. Beiges, taupes, greens and greys work well in this design.

Zen minimalistic

Black, white, lime green and dried bamboo are the hallmark shades for this clean sweep. Kill clutter and create a chill vibe. Roman blinds or bamboo blinds are an excellent option. Water features work well in this designscape, and are also ideal for blocking out noise from the city or your neighbors.

Home theatre haven

If watching a great movie together is on the top of your quality family time list, why not nix the separate TVs in everyone’s room and splurge on an incredible home theatre system instead. Choose some deluxe reclining furniture to maximize your comfort. Hide the audio and video wires properly so that you are transported by an immersive experience and not staring at unsightly cables. Dimmer light switches are simple to install and can help you create that movie theatre vibe.

Modern flair

Pick a bold color you love like crimson or teal and accent your heart out against a neutral backdrop. Charcoal and white are great starting points. Consider investing in some elaborate wall stickers in your feature color to add instant art appeal in a non-traditional way.


Painting your walls three different shades of the same color can dramatically play on your lighting. Bold designers may also include the ceiling in their paint scheme. Having one feature wall darker and the corresponding walls lighter versions can create depth and interest. Use different textures of the same shade in your throw pillows, rugs and picture frames to compliment the space. Metallic or crystal accents can breathe some glamour into this design.

The important thing when coming up with your design is deciding what is important to each family member. Being true to your natural habits and designing accordingly will ensure everyone feels comfortable in your new custom home living room.

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