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Quality construction is key for your custom home

oz custom home builders fort mill sc charlotte nc trinity ridge reserve

When you’re having a custom home built you want to know that it will hold up to your family’s everyday use and maintain its value for decades to come. Both of these factors will require that your house is constructed by skilled craftsmen using quality materials.

Personal options

Being able to direct your focus on the items that top your priority list is one of the main benefits of custom building your home. Personalize your space and delegate accordingly. Does an open floor plan with your kitchen overlooking the living room work best for your young family? What if you installed a soundproof rehearsal space in the basement for your daughter’s rock band? Making decisions based on how you live your life and what is important to you will help you create the dream home you crave.

The builder’s reputation

What have others’ personal experiences been? Did the builder adhere to the predetermined timelines and budgets? Were they reliable and forthcoming? Did they remove all of the debris or leave a mess? Doing your homework ahead of time can potentially save you thousands of dollars. Get references and drive by some of their existing homes to check things out for yourself.

Financial details

Working with a successful, reputable company is a huge factor in your overall success. All too often we hear stories of builders who went broke in the middle of a project and suddenly left town. Homeowners are left with unfinished business and the added expense of hiring new subcontractors to come in and pick up where the original builder left off. This equates to more expenses and stress that you don’t need.

Do your best to ensure that the company you hire to build your custom home is financially secure and plans to continue working in the community making a great name for themselves.

Choosing the right builder

When all the paperwork checks out and you have a few solid options to choose from, how do you decide? Well, who did you feel the best connection with? Did the builder fully and enthusiastically explain any terms that you were unsure of? Or, did they seem impatient with your questions? Customer service is often the defining factor.

Ensure that you can be yourself and feel comfortable asking your builder anything and that your requests are welcome. You want to work with someone who shares a mutual trust and respect for you throughout this huge undertaking. After all, your dream home is not a weekend project. You will be working with this person for months, so choose wisely.

Trust your intuition and work with the custom home builder who shares your vision. Quality construction is key for your custom home on every level, personal and physical. You want to be able to write a stellar review about your experience when all is said and done. Building your home is a life-changing event that will also be a positive one if you choose the right builder to work with.

Oz Custom Home Builders has an impeccable reputation and a catalog of satisfied families that prove our abilities. We can build your dream home on your land or in Trinity Ridge or Trinity Ridge Reserve, our newest luxury neighborhoods in Fort Mill. Contact us to discuss a plan for building your home or get additional information about the process. Call us at 803-242-0050 or use the “Email Us” link on this page to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

10 living room design ideas for your custom home

oz custom home builders fort mill sc charlotte nc trinity ridge reserve

The living room is where we all gather. When deciding how to decorate this vital space in your new custom-built home, determine what concepts your family finds functional and comfortable. Check out the following 10 living room designs for ideas to help you tap into your creative side.

The family that plays together…

If game night is an essential component to your down time, designing your living room to be an open floorplan continuation of your kitchen is a great place to start. This designscape enables you to enjoy copious amounts of seating while keeping snack central within view. Incorporate varying heights of coffee tables and side tables, along with your kitchen bar counter top or island to ensure there is plenty of room for puzzles and Pictionary.

Formal elegance

Perhaps you have done away with the TV and prefer to read for relaxation. Or maybe you often host business and social gatherings in your home and prefer a parlour atmosphere. Opposing seating options that showcase your view is great. Incorporating a variety of lighting can transform your space. Utilize wall sconces, electric candelabras, a decadent fireplace, freestanding Tiffany lamps and a central chandelier to create this library alcove setting. Showcase some custom-built bookcases and use your favorite reads to complement your decor.

Shabby chic

This is a perfect compromise for those who want a trendy atmosphere but happen to be living with toddlers. No one will notice the gouges on your coffee table if they neatly tie into your shabby chic theme. Repurpose bookshelves with linen baskets for hidden toy storage and display favorite distressed furniture. Showcase your heirloom blankets and get creative framing those family pictures. Rocking chairs are a must in this relaxing and inviting space and ideal for those who are expecting or still nursing.

LED land

Go green and swap out all your inefficient lighting. Transform your ambiance with a purple, blue, green or soft white glow (or any color you prefer). Rope lighting or intricately hidden bulbs can offer you a relaxing vibe or recreate a club atmosphere if you want to take it up a notch. Use some funky Corian countertops or side tables that are lit underneath to draw attention when the overhead lights are off.

Country style

This style doesn’t have to be all cow pillows and metallic roosters (unless you want it to). Think wainscoting wall accents and an old-fashioned oversized fan to help with circulation. Update this look with a faux cowhide rug (plenty of great faux versions available so no need for the real thing). Plaid prints and floral curtains can show off your brick hearth or hardwood flooring nicely. Plain Edison bulb chandeliers offer conversational and effective lighting.

Sleek contemporary

Neutral tones offer a respite from our busy lives. Opt for sleek lines and minimize texture to create a clean and cohesive space. Beiges, taupes, greens and greys work well in this design.

Zen minimalistic

Black, white, lime green and dried bamboo are the hallmark shades for this clean sweep. Kill clutter and create a chill vibe. Roman blinds or bamboo blinds are an excellent option. Water features work well in this designscape, and are also ideal for blocking out noise from the city or your neighbors.

Home theatre haven

If watching a great movie together is on the top of your quality family time list, why not nix the separate TVs in everyone’s room and splurge on an incredible home theatre system instead. Choose some deluxe reclining furniture to maximize your comfort. Hide the audio and video wires properly so that you are transported by an immersive experience and not staring at unsightly cables. Dimmer light switches are simple to install and can help you create that movie theatre vibe.

Modern flair

Pick a bold color you love like crimson or teal and accent your heart out against a neutral backdrop. Charcoal and white are great starting points. Consider investing in some elaborate wall stickers in your feature color to add instant art appeal in a non-traditional way.


Painting your walls three different shades of the same color can dramatically play on your lighting. Bold designers may also include the ceiling in their paint scheme. Having one feature wall darker and the corresponding walls lighter versions can create depth and interest. Use different textures of the same shade in your throw pillows, rugs and picture frames to compliment the space. Metallic or crystal accents can breathe some glamour into this design.

The important thing when coming up with your design is deciding what is important to each family member. Being true to your natural habits and designing accordingly will ensure everyone feels comfortable in your new custom home living room.

Oz Custom Home Builders has been constructing dream homes for nearly two decades. We are ready to start the process of creating your perfect residence. To learn more about our home construction services, particularly our luxury Fort Mill, SC, neighborhood, Trinity Ridge Reserve, call us today at 803-242-0050 or use the “Email Us” link on this page. We look forward to hearing from you.

The most popular home styles

oz custom home builders fort mill sc charlotte nc trinity ridge reserve

If you are thinking about building a custom home, chances are you have seen a variety of styles available during your research. With so many distinct features, it’s vital that you know what makes each style unique prior to settling on any particular one to be your dream home. Once you determine the features on your wish list, you can streamline the decision-making process. The most popular home styles are outlined below.

Country / Updated Colonial  

Country homes were initially influenced by 18th century colonists and their European styles. The most popular features include the five windows along the top (the middle directly centered over the front door) and the two large windows framing the front door. They commonly have shutters, long, wide porches and dormers to complete the style, all of this creating an inviting home that evokes warmth.


One of the most sought after house plans, this style originates from the arts and crafts era from the start of the 20h century. This option was born from designers and artists wishing to utilize wood, brick and stone in an intricate manner. This style focuses on the harmony of construction and nature. Houses are commonly bungalow style and they came as a response to the industrial revolution era when items were appearing as mass-produced cookie cutter things. The Craftsman style offers lots of details to behold.


Initially hailing from the Southwest and the West, this style is practical and being built everywhere. Also referred to as “ramblers,” Ranch refers to a one-level, single story home, which is ideal for older couples or those who want to avoid stairs. With the whole house situated on one floor, these homes can spread out the square footage nicely. Open floor plans are a popular aspect with this style.


Famous for their asymmetrical exteriors featuring bold wood accents, these steep pitched roof homes are easy to pick out. Based on English building designs from the Tudor Era, they feature stucco walls and eye-catching architectural configurations.


These quaint houses are often smaller yet laden with details. They often have painted woodwork and interesting built-ins on the interior such as dining booths, window seats and possibly display cases. The attic often houses the second story and an oversized front porch is part and parcel.


Charming, and multi-level, these stately homes offer ornate trim and intricate features. These dwellings have towers, gables and showcase bay windows along with elaborate porches. The exterior was seen as the ideal way to showcase talent and décor.


Images of dwellings from overseas — England, Italy or France — inspire this home style. Stone or marble floors combine with plaster walls to harmonize an “old meets new” theme. Intricate rooflines complete with copper elements and lots of stone and even turret features are commonly seen. Enormous fireplaces are a hallmark feature.


A simple roofline, often metal, can be found framing a large, full surrounding porch. Narrow windows have been situated to enable cross breezes the chance to occur. Following early designs of the 19th century, wood siding is a common finish for this style.


Majestic plaster exteriors and tile roofs enable the home to absorb the sun’s heat. Taking their inspiration from Italy, France and Spain, these homes feature verandas, courtyards and patios to create more outdoor living space. They offer simplistic detailing on the interior and may feature some exposed or decorative tile walls.


Enjoy a sleek, modular profile with horizontal windows and flatter roofs with little slope. These homes often use stone, marble or details of high quality as opposed to lots of intricate details. Plain fireplaces are a popular aspect.


With their operational, oversized shutters and sweet porches, Southern inspired homes are sought after for those who are drawn to antebellum elegance. If you enjoy monumental columns, verandas and plantation style aesthetics, be sure to check out this home style.

Oz Custom Home Builders can create your spectacular dream home in any of these styles or something that is unique to your tastes and needs. Contact us to talk about your vision for the perfect custom home. Call 803-242-0050 or use the “Email Us” link on this page to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

Build a house that’s ideal for your family

The joys of custom building your family home is the freedom of choice you have right from the start. Is a home theater important to you? Do you want a daylight basement? Do you prefer your home to be facing a certain direction to honor some Feng Shui tradition? How close or far do you wish to be situated from your neighbors? With a custom home, you can build a house that’s ideal for your family from every angle.

Let the sun in — or don’t

Establishing your building plans to complement the way the sun travels across your property is ideal. For example, perhaps you and your spouse have always dreamed of having a private patio off your master bedroom that would be ideal for morning coffee as the sun rises. Maybe you foresee a family pool oasis in the backyard and want a mixture of sunshine in the morning and shade in the heat of the afternoon. Think about which direction would receive the right amount of sunshine to meet these wishes and plan accordingly from the outset.

Mobility issues

Stairs are not ideal for everyone. Many families prefer a one-level ranch style layout. It is possible to eliminate levels or add your own elevator when you build a house that’s geared to the exact needs of your family. Take everyone’s health and age into consideration when determining where bedrooms and main living spaces are located.

Family room

A family that enjoys being together is a beautiful thing. Outfit your main lounging space with comfortable seating and take in the best views of your property at the same time. Incorporate usable spaces within the larger atmosphere. For instance, more people are using their laptops and electronic devices to conduct work from their homes. Having a desk, wall unit or special table or bar space within the family room can incorporate homework and the office all in one location. Really consider your lifestyle and what each family member’s unique needs are to determine the best layout options.

Embrace your privacy

Even if you are setting down roots smack dab in the middle of suburbia, you can take steps to develop your privacy in a custom home whereas you take what you can get when you are simply purchasing an existing home. The direction of the home and the placement of doors and windows can be planned completely. Fencing can be creatively and organically woven into your landscape. A well-thought out blueprint along with a strategically planted tree, customized pagoda or perimeter fence can help you create the privacy you crave.

Customized bathrooms

Would you like to create an adult oasis within your master bathroom? Perhaps a little retreat to enjoy all by yourself. A place that’s perfect for starting or ending each day. Jet tubs, multi-head shower systems, bidets and a host of accessory options are yours to consider. On the other hand, what will make the ideal guest bathroom complete? Would you prefer that the children take their baths and showers in their own domain? Taking your family’s current daily routines into consideration can give you a great base for customizing your plans.

Insulating, maintenance and energy costs

Another great thing about building a brand new home (along with not having to scrub ex-tenants’ grime out of the shower grout), is having the capacity to choose the best energy efficient materials from the ground up. Take your future energy costs into account when making purchasing decisions.

The benefits of custom building your own home to suit the needs, desires and wishes of your family is an exciting adventure. Embrace the journey and get excited about the fact that you will be living in the home of your dreams when the process is done.

Oz Custom Home Builders has been constructing dream homes for nearly two decades. We will soon break ground on Trinity Ridge Reserve, a new upscale development in Fort Mill, SC. Details can be found on our website.

We are ready to start the process of building your perfect family home. To learn more about our custom construction services, call us today at 803-242-0050 or use the “Email Us” link on this page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Renovate a bathroom for a better home sale

oz custom home builders charlotte nc fort mill sc trinity ridge reserve

If your master bathroom looks tired and dated, you might be putting off doing something about it because of budget constraints or because of the inconvenience. Although you might not want to spend the money on a bathroom renovation, if you are thinking of selling your current house and building a custom home you should understand the added value of doing so. These are just a few ways that you can benefit from updating your current home’s master bathroom.

Improve your property value

One of the best ways to improve the value of your home is to upgrade your bathroom. When people look at homes that are available for sale, old and outdated bathrooms can really be a major negative point. If a home has just gone through a nice bathroom renovation, however, it is much more appealing to potential buyers. Plus, those who do decide to buy are often willing to pay higher prices for a home that has a nice, modern and recently-updated bathroom. It’s always good to think about ways to add to the value of your property prior to putting it on the market.

Enjoy your home more than ever

Although other aspects of a home can be outdated without too many problems, an old bathroom can be rather depressing. If you upgrade your bathroom, however, you can add in new features that you and your family are sure to love while you remain there. This can make your bathroom much more enjoyable for the entire household.

Enjoy added water efficiency

Another great reason to upgrade your current master bathroom is so you can conserve water. By installing a new toilet, showerhead, sink faucets and more, you can really cut down on the amount of water that your family uses. In fact, you might be surprised by just how much water you can conserve by swapping out old fixtures and appliances in this part of your home. This can help you save money to put toward your new custom home and do something good for the environment.

Make a big impact for little money

While a bathroom renovation isn’t what you would consider cheap as home projects go, it is one of the best ways to make a big value difference in your house. Now might be the ideal time to start planning for your master bathroom remodel. This is especially true if you plan to sell your home and build a custom dream home.

Oz Custom Home Builders will construct your new house with the perfect master bathroom in it, along with your ideal kitchen and every other living space and amenity you desire. We have been constructing dream homes for nearly two decades and now we are building a luxury home community at Trinity Ridge Reserve in Fort Mill, SC. You can find full details about this beautiful upscale development here on our website.

We are ready to start the process of creating your perfect residence. To make an appointment and learn more about our home construction services, call us today at 803-242-0050 or use the “Email Us” link on this page. We look forward to hearing from you.

Real Estate Houses or New Home?

A house is somewhere you can be yourself — the place which can be comforting even while not being at it. Home plays a significant role in anybody’s personal life. We all need to be somewhere at a point where there nobody is judging us by how we work or what we do or what choices are we making. We share everything with our home, a family, first cooking experience, a first parking car crash in the garage or the crazy house parties. We stock all the memories and experiences with our home! Therefore, one takes usually more than just a while to decide which house he must invest in. Should it be a flat or a duplex or plot? Whether he should be getting a real estate house or build a new home from scratch.

Every bit of a decision depends on what a person wants and how much does he want to invest. The choice is never an easy one to make and must be picked after discussing it with family, friends, and relatives. The decision might even depend on the rates of the property in the current times.

Real Estate Houses

If the house is pre-constructed with all amenities already installed, you must see to the location of the house according to the safety purposes and the distance from the office and the market area. The property rates usually vary from time to time. You must decide according to how much you can afford including the down payments and loan installments, how much the bank is willing to lend you credit and what are the interest rates etc. A quality real estate agent can boost up the process who might guide you through the negotiations, paper works, and registrations make you great offers, etc. Being in the business already you can use their experience in finding the apt property.



New House

The advantage of going for getting a new house is, you get to construct your home in your way and need not compromise with the architecture of the house. You need to take care of all the things from scratch though. The taps you need to get installed, the wiring for lights, water supplies, etc. You would require time and would have to wait until the construction of the house is done. You need to take care of the builders and architect. You might have to find the land with the familiar and safe neighbourhood and might have to compromise with it sometimes. The trouble of starting from the scratch, working through sewage line, municipal water, and other formalities might lead to a troublesome, but at the end, you would get the satisfaction of the choices you made.



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