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Our specialization

Below listed are the areas in which we specialize.

Flats & Houses

We have an experience of more than a decade in constructing flats and houses.

Office Blocks

We have constructed office blocks in many countries, where many corporations are successfully running.

Land Registry Plans

We can provide you the clear cut plan of your registered land.


We have a separate warehouse construction unit that has tie-ups with many companies.

Plot Plans & Site Maps

Confused about plot plans? Reach out to us, and we will provide with the perfect site map and plot plan.

Licensing Plans

All you need to give is the details, and we will provide with the perfect plan for licensing.

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Reach out us through mail or phone, get your appointment fixed and get a free consultation with our experts.

Our recent projects

Here are some of the recent projects that we delivered.

Tammy C. Bolick

One of the best construction companies. They made sure that render the best quality service from the beginning of the project.

Yolanda P. Morrill

They are uncompromising when it comes to quality. They made sure to deliver before the time that they promised.

From Our Blog

Real Estate Houses or New Home?

A house is somewhere you can be yourself — the place which can be comforting even while not being at it. Home plays a significant role in anybody’s personal life. We all need to be somewhere at a point where there nobody is judging us by how we work or what we do or what choices are we making. We share everything with our home, a family, first cooking experience, a first parking car crash in the garage or the crazy house parties. We stock all the memories and experiences with our home! Therefore, one takes usually more than just a while to decide which house he must invest in. Should it be a flat or a duplex or plot? Whether he should be getting a real estate house or build a new home from scratch.

Every bit of a decision depends on what a person wants and how much does he want to invest. The choice is never an easy one to make and must be picked after discussing it with family, friends, and relatives. The decision might even depend on the rates of the property in the current times.

Real Estate Houses

If the house is pre-constructed with all amenities already installed, you must see to the location of the house according to the safety purposes and the distance from the office and the market area. The property rates usually vary from time to time. You must decide according to how much you can afford including the down payments and loan installments, how much the bank is willing to lend you credit and what are the interest rates etc. A quality real estate agent can boost up the process who might guide you through the negotiations, paper works, and registrations make you great offers, etc. Being in the business already you can use their experience in finding the apt property.



New House

The advantage of going for getting a new house is, you get to construct your home in your way and need not compromise with the architecture of the house. You need to take care of all the things from scratch though. The taps you need to get installed, the wiring for lights, water supplies, etc. You would require time and would have to wait until the construction of the house is done. You need to take care of the builders and architect. You might have to find the land with the familiar and safe neighbourhood and might have to compromise with it sometimes. The trouble of starting from the scratch, working through sewage line, municipal water, and other formalities might lead to a troublesome, but at the end, you would get the satisfaction of the choices you made.



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